Processing thousands of UK and EU orders every day, Integro360 is the ultimate
eCommerce logistics solution. Simplifying sales platform integration, order picking, inventory visibility,
courier and returns management.

Enhance your sales process, eCommerce order fulfilment and customer experience.

Automate inventory updates, order picking and courier management to simplify processes, save money and know that you can scale, to meet any demand.

Prompt and efficient Europe-wide delivery to your customers, with a simplified returns process, that enhances your brand promise and get your returned products back on the sales platform, in the quickest time possible.

  • Retailers
  • eCommerce
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Warehouse & Logistics

Truly simple. Incredibly effective

Developed and finessed over 15 years Integro360’s inventory and courier management solutions work independently, integrate with 3rd party applications, or combine seamlessly to provide the ultimate eCommerce supply chain solution, across 30 of the most important sales platforms. 

Courier Management

  • Dedicated EU solution
  • Auto pick-list, label print and despatch
  • Optimised courier selection and data transfer
  • Real-time customer track & trace
  • Returns trigger link in email order confirmation

Inventory Management

  • ERP and API integration
  • Links with any sale platform
  • Picklist generated and inventory updated
  • Tracking updates and archive
  • Global inventory view to SKU level

With full project management, from scoping to full implementation, it has never been easier to optimise your eCommerce channel, while enhancing
customer experience and saving money.

it’s all about you

Integro360 is entirely flexible to your situation and needs. It creates efficiencies, provides Customer visibility and drives down cost, while increasing service levels and scales effortlessly, as your business grows.

Visibility and control of of product moving through your business supply chain – to SKU level detail. With automated updates, so you can track receipts, on-hand inventory, sales orders and in-progress deliveries.

Integro360 uses your customer’s location and delivery preferences to select courier, print labels and transmit instructions. 

EU parcels can be consolidated and fed directly into postal and courier network.

Integro360 integrates with popular eCommerce payment platforms, with automated inventory updates, pick lists, labels and shipment data transfer to the selected carrier.

Integro360 operates in the cloud and is entirely flexible to your situation and needs. It can be configured to any users unique specifications in minutes, whether you have a few or many shipments.

Customers can track their parcel’s progress, while you have real-time status view of any shipment in the system, global inventory overview and proof of delivery data, as it is captured.

Benefit immediately from our discounted global tariff and algorithms that automatically selects the mostcost-effective carrier for each shipment, with monthly summary invoicing.


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Integro360 Ltd, Springfield House, 23 Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, England, KT13 9LZ

Tel: +44 (0)845 299 3289 

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